Crisis, Capacity, and Community

By Michael Thompson, Family Support Group Leader

I’ve heard it said before that the Chinese word for “crisis” is made from two characters meaning “danger” and “opportunity.” Actually, it isn’t.

The characters are better identified as “danger” and “critical point.” The second character doesn’t provide any optimistic hope for moving forward. However, it does identify that there is a certain moment when a decision needs to be made. A crisis in any language is bad. The question left to us is this: Are we ready to respond? Continue reading

Why Journal?

By Tamika Greene, NAMI Connections Leader

In my 11th grade year of high school, I was introduced to journaling in a creative writing class. It opened up a whole new world in the form of intimate, living, and vivid personal communication for me. The experience was transformational, providing me with a new dimension of dynamic awareness. I felt like I landed on a different planet, but with a special kind of safety and comfort. Upon completing my creative writing essays for class, I felt like I could conquer the world.

After the class ended, I knew that I wanted to write as a profession. Some of life’s blows have discouraged me from pursuing this passion, but I am determined to persistently follow my heart’s deepest desires. I have at least 30 completed journals that I use to express my deep seated emotions. I have used journal writing to express emotions that feel like my heart’s blood shot red tears. I have communicated my life’s highest summits on the sun of triumph. When I feel comfortable enough, I even document my most silent secrets in a black abyss. My best times of journaling come when I am able to express times of exuberant joys that come from a waterfall flowing from a river of gratitude. Continue reading